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4 February 2022

Implementation of the Blue Pass system for campus access

Memo # U2122-051
4 February 2022

Memo to : The University Community

Subject : Implementation of the Blue Pass system for campus access

In anticipation of a return to on-site work and Face-to-Face (F2F) classes, the University is launching Blue Pass, our campus access, health monitoring and campus tracing software application, on 14 February 2022.

Blue Pass encompasses the BluePHR system that many of you are already familiar with, but has broader capabilities.

All individuals who require regular campus access must enroll in this Blue Pass system, including students, employees, suppliers and contractors of the university and our auxiliary units/tenants/campus residents. Casual or infrequent visitors to the campus will not be asked to enroll in Blue Pass, but must request prior approval for their visit using the Campus Access Request forms that have been in use since the start of the pandemic.

To assist the community in this transition to the Blue Pass system, the University Marketing and Communications Office (UMCO) will host a workshop and information session at 4 pm on Thursday, 10 February (more details regarding this workshop will be released later). Please join us at this session to learn more about how you can make this system work for you.

For a more detailed discussion of our guidelines for campus access, the use of facilities and holding of events on campus, please refer to our memorandum on this topic dated 18 December 2021 (Memo # U2122-047).

We believe Blue Pass is the most effective way we can transition to a post-pandemic world while complying with all relevant CHED, IATF and LGU guidelines, and ensuring the health and well-being of our Ateneo community.

I count on everyone’s cooperation and strict compliance.

(Sgd) Roberto C Yap SJ