University Vaccination Program

Prioritization by Group


The following members of the Ateneo community shall be included in the University’s Vaccination Program which will be rolled out in accordance with the national policies and procedures issued by DOH and IATF.

Members of Group I shall be given priority in the vaccination program. Once all covered members under Group I have been vaccinated and there are remaining supplies of the vaccines, vaccination will proceed for those covered under the succeeding groups in the order listed in the table below.

Group I

  1. Full-time Employee

  • Full-time Teaching and Non-Teaching personnel regardless of rank and employee status (probationary/regular)

  1. Part-time Employee

  • Faculty on special engagement including visiting professors

  • Part-time faculty members (Part-time faculty members who are regularly being engaged/hired by the schools for the past two school years are considered on active employment and will be included in the masterlist even if with no active teaching load at the time of the enlistment and/or inoculation).

  • Coaches/ Trainers

  1. Employees under Temporary Employment

  • Project employees hired for a specific project, with a pre-determined project completion date

  1. Jesuits in the Jesuit Residence, Loyola House of Studies, East Asian Pastoral Institute, Arrupe International Residence, San Jose Seminary, Sacred Heart Novitiate, Jesuit Health and Wellness Center

In case a new employee is hired after the masterlist is submitted to AC Health, the new employee may still be enlisted following the regular process of registration. The new employee shall wait for his/her schedule of inoculation from AC Health.

Group II

a. Independent Contractors (e.g., Researchers, Guest Lecturers, etc.)

b. Employees of the Affiliate units (Please refer to Annex A for list)

Group III

a. University Students

Group IV

a. Eligible dependents of the Group I

  • Spouse

  • Children

  • Parents

  • Siblings (for single employees)


  • The Office of Human Resource Management and Organization Development (OHRMOD) shall be responsible for generating the masterlist of eligible members from Group I and the vaccine assignees from Group IV.

  • Heads of the entities in Group II.b shall be responsible for generating their respective masterlists of eligible employees and submitting them to AC Health for uploading in their platform in order to proceed to the prioritization, screening and scheduling of the vaccine availers.